About the Diversity Charter

Part of the world's largest diversity and inclusion network, it brings together 15 400 organisations representing over 17 million employees.

About us

Welcome to the world's largest diversity and inclusion network. Diversity Charter Sweden is a springboard for companies and organisations that want to increase their creativity and competitiveness with the help of the dynamics of an organisation that puts diversity before sameness. Here you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge in all seven grounds of discrimination linked to your business and operational benefits.

There are a number of studies that show that diversity in the workplace is positive for the development and profitability of companies and organizations. Therefore, we believe that diversity and inclusion should be an obvious and integrated issue in every modern company and organization's strategy. That is the basis for why Diversity Charter Sweden was started.

Businesses and organisations have an important role to play in ensuring non-discrimination, diversity and inclusion. By signing Diversity Charters, organisations make a voluntary commitment to create and maintain an inclusive working environment for their employees without discrimination on the basis of gender, racial or ethnic origin, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation.

Diversity Charter Sweden is a springboard for companies and organisations that want to increase their creativity and competitiveness through the dynamics of an organisation that values diversity over sameness.

The initiators who were involved in the launch of Diversity Charter Sweden 2010

Our history

The European Union (EU) adopted the motto "United in Diversity" in 2000, which it believes unites Europeans through the EU in the pursuit of peace and prosperity, and that the many different cultures, traditions and languages of Europe are a positive asset to the continent.

The first Chartret was the French one formed by a group of companies in 2004 when they joined forces to create better conditions for integration in their own businesses while working with a broader societal perspective. In 2010, the non-profit association Diversity Charter Sweden was formed and launched by A-search, Axfood, Lectia, L´Oreal, Managing Diversity, Novartis, Scandic, Skanska, Sodexo and Volvo Cars. Diversity Charter Sweden then became the seventh Charter in Europe, and is now present in 26 EU countries.

Board of Directors



Gabriella Wiiala

Business Director, Spoon



Anders Barnå

CEO, Unicus


Vice President

Gith Bengtsson

Head of HR Retail, Swedbank



Fredrik Carlson

Human Rights Strategist, Västra Götaland Region



Anna Leander Nyberg

Head of HR & Sustainability, Stockholm Exergi



Kicki Lilliedrake

Head of Communications, Fastigo



Amir Nazari

Inclusion & Diversity Manager, AFRY



Paolo Pelacchi

People & Culture Director, ISS Facility Services Sweden



Frida Marty Wallgren

Expert Diversity & Inclusion Talent Management, Vattenfall



Linn Edholm

Country Co-Worker Experience Manager, IKEA Group

Tomas Mehari


Thomas Mehari

Chairman & Founder, Auxilirec AB



General Secretary

Anna Carlsson Sigstedt

Adjunct on the Board of Diversity Charter Sweden

Bild på Hasse Sandberg

Hasse Sandberg

Communications Officer at Diversity Charter Sweden