Contact person

Contact details for the company's Diversity Charter Sweden contact person

Billing information

Diversity Charter sends an annual invoice for the membership fee. The first invoice will be for the membership fee for the remainder of the year. In this section we need invoicing details for the payment of the membership fee.

Is a unique PO (Purchase Order) number required annually for invoicing?

The name of the contact person will always appear on the invoice. Enter additional invoice references if needed, e.g. cost centre or similar. A PO number can be provided retrospectively after the membership has been registered.

If your company can receive PDF invoices, please provide the e-mail address for this:


Enter today's date if membership and benefits are to be effective immediately, otherwise enter your preferred date of entry as a member.


To confirm membership, a membership contract must be signed.
The contract will be sent to you for electronic signature.

When registering, we need the details of the person (the signatory) who will sign the membership contract.


Before registering your membership, we need your consent for our processing of the data shared in this form.

I understand that my membership of Diversity Charter Sweden will take effect from the date I have indicated on this form. That an invoice for the membership fee for the remainder of the year ( will be sent to the invoice address or email address provided.

I understand that Diversity Charter Sweden will use the information shared in this form to administer the membership of the association for the company/organisation I represent. The data will be recorded in the association's membership register and accounting system. In the event of termination of membership, this information will be automatically deleted.

I understand that I will be placed on Diversity Charter Sweden's mailing list for invitations to events, newsletters and information to the association's network. I also understand that I have the right to request to be removed from one or more of these lists at any time. This can be done by clicking on the unsubscribe link in invitations and newsletters or by notifying