Get involved

Take part in creating amazing activities while gaining a deeper network and an excellent world view.

Get involved

We are always looking for committed people from our member organisations who want to get involved, as everything we do is driven and done by our members. Many find that it is the planning groups that provide the added value of deeper networking and above all it is learning, as it is about keeping a good watch on the world around us.  
One of the Board members has the main responsibility and the office manages the invitations and the promotion of the activities.

Production Group

This is the group that plans, invites speakers to our monthly Digital Learning Fridays sessions. The planning meetings are digital, but they are recorded in Nordea's studio in central Stockholm. At the moment we are about 10 people who divide ourselves into smaller project groups to be responsible for one Learning Fridays per semester. Planning a Learning Fridays session takes about 10 hours/ session.

Regional groups

There is a planning group for each location (Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö) and they plan one to two physical meetings per semester. Usually the whole group is involved in the planning and then the physical meeting is at a member organisation or restaurant. The group is responsible for hosting and making sure there are exciting small group discussions. 

Hosting means providing a venue, in Stockholm for 75-100 people and in Gothenburg for 20-30 people.

Want to start a regional group in another location? Please get in touch! 

Board of Directors

Nominate yourself or someone else from a member organization by January 15, 2023. This work takes about 8 hours per month, as this is an operational board.