May is EU’s Diversity Month and it celebrates efforts by organizations to help build equal and inclusive environments for the benefit of all.

This year’s theme of Diversity Month is “Building bridges” and during May’s Fredagskunskap we will present on and discuss that topic with various participants:

EU angleKarin Karlsbro has been a Member of the European Parliament for the Liberals since 2019, which is part of the Parliament’s liberal party group Renew Europe. Karlsbro’s parliamentary work focuses on free and sustainable trade, both in the Parliament’s Committee on International Trade (INTA) and in the Environment Committee (ENVI). Karlsbro is also Vice-Chairman of Parliament’s delegation to Belarus and is a member of the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Cooperation Committee. member of the European Parliament and Liberaler.

Nordic angleMuneeza Rosendahl, CEO, The Association Equal Access/Diversity Charter Denmark and Katja Mannerström Head of Public Affairs at Finnish Refugee Council. How have other Nordic countries worked to welcome refugees and asylum seekers? What can we learn from previous experiences?

Member angle: Participants from SEB and Vattenfall, focusing on how they have made use of Mitt Liv´s mentorship programs and internships to strengthen the inclusion of foreign-born professionals in the Swedish job market.

Lisa Kleist – Human Resources Business Partner på Vattenfall Eldistribution AB, Vattenfall
Nermin Hidic – Operating Experience Engineer at Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant, Vattenfall
Hedieh Mastani – Trade Finance Client Service Manager, SEB
Monica Ferrel Fuentes – Cash Management CSC Mid Corp, SEB
Pernilla Johnsson – Partnership Sponsoring & Sustainable Entrepreneurship, SEB

Moderator: Olivia Marrero Engström, Project Coordinator, Partsrådet and Kristofer Eklundh Business developers Mitt Liv
Chatfacilitator: Naomi Teng, studentvolontär, Stockholms Universitet.

This Fredagskunskap is in English.


”I Rinkeby vet vi att kunskap är makt”

Nyhetsbyrån Järva lyfter i en artikel att Mohamed Hagi Farah nyligen presenterade Rinkebys utveckling och utmaningar på en mångfalds- och inkluderingsträff. Mohamed Hagi Farah var en av sex talare vid