On today's Fredagskunskap we focus on the situation of trans and intersex people.

In 2009, transgender identity and expression was introduced as a ground for discrimination in the Swedish Discrimination Act. Several UN bodies emphasise that human rights and freedoms should apply to every human being, including trans and intersex people, and the main message of the 2030 Agenda is that "no one should be left behind". The message is clear but the Swedish labour market is limping along and many LGBTQ people cannot be open with either their orientation or identity in the workplace.

The latest EU 2020 report shows that it is "A long way to go for LGBTI equality"(a long way to go until we achieve equality for LGBTQI people). 30-35% of transgender people say they feel discriminated against in their workplace. Several studies show that the gender segregated structure together with the culture contributes to structural discrimination and harassment for trans and intersex people.

We ask ourselves, how can we achieve equality for LGBTQI people in Swedish workplaces?

Join us for personal stories from Jamie Gustafsson from Hallstahammar and Robin Koelewijn, Data Scientist, Volvo Cars who identify as transgender.

Katarina Matson Senior Expert for Culture and Diversity and Jasmin El Kachani AronssonTalent Management for Culture and Diversity, Volvo Cars takes us through their success stories and challenges. They have worked on employee surveys, LGBT guide, networking, inclusion month, culture, training challenges, locker room, IT systems and culture/attitudes, among other things.

Anna Johansson (S), Member of Parliament and Chair of the Labour Committee, former Minister for Infrastructure. We address questions such as; How is policy working to drive a more inclusive labour market for trans and intersex people? What more can policy do?

Moderator: Fredrik Carlson Human Rights Strategist at Västra Götaland Region. Fredrik has recently written a master thesis on "Sports beyond sex A study on trans and intersex people in sex-segregated Swedish amateur sport". Fredrik starts the Friday session by giving us a problem statement, background and conceptual understanding.

A warm welcome!

"In Rinkeby we know that knowledge is power"

The Järva news agency highlights in an article that Mohamed Hagi Farah recently presented Rinkeby's development and challenges at a diversity and inclusion event. Mohamed Hagi Farah was one of six speakers at the event.