Digitisation is happening at a rapid pace, opening up new opportunities and challenges. The "new normal" after the pandemic and new legal requirements place higher demands on digital accessibility and inclusion. Employers and organisations need to be aware of what the law says and what obligations come with it. At the same time, it opens up new opportunities to both take responsibility, be more accessible and generate business value.

Welcome to join us and hear how you and your organisation can become better at digital accessibility!


Jan Lundin, CEO of Funka 

What does the law on digital accessibility say? What trends do you see and what do you think about the future? Opportunities and challenges. What does the law say about WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). DOS law? What applies to certain private actors (e-tailers and banks)?

Stina Biärsjö Customer Success Manager/Accessibility and Inclusion at Microsoft, i.e. she drives issues around inclusion and accessibility in the digital workplace.

Stina talks about Microsoft's journey, experiences, challenges and opportunities.

Claudio Quitral, Support administrator for the National Federation of the Visually Impaired. Technology interested individual who is passionate about accessibility and tries to work for everyone regardless of their abilities to be able to take part in technology and the digitalization journey we all live in today.

Hampus Sethfors, accessibility specialist & founder Axess Lab. Get started with digital accessibility! Concrete tips on testing yourself, common pitfalls and best-practices.

Moderator: Sara Sadarangani, Head of Consultancy Unicus
Chat FacilitatorAlma Lagergren, student Stockholm University

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