Fredagskunskap – Tema “Diversity Month – Assessing diversity and inclusion”Fredagskunskap” 26 maj 08:30-11:00

To start any journey or to assess your progress, you need to know where you stand. This year, we invite all organisations to put the assessment of diversity and inclusion into the spotlight and to ask themselves: Do our diversity policies work? Do we know our employee mix? Are we open to all diverse talents? Are our policies and strategies supporting us in creating respectful, empowering and inspiring environments for everyone?

Being successful means knowing how to build bridges. Bridges with newcomers, team members, business partners, suppliers, customers and public authorities; and between different policies and strategies within an organisation.


Member examples from Finland, Denmark and Sweden

The entire “Fredagskunskap” will be held in English (Hela “Fredagskunskapen” kommer att hållas på engelska).

This Fredagskunskap is done in collaboration with Diversity Charter Denmark and Diversity Charter Finland (FIBS)

”I Rinkeby vet vi att kunskap är makt”

Nyhetsbyrån Järva lyfter i en artikel att Mohamed Hagi Farah nyligen presenterade Rinkebys utveckling och utmaningar på en mångfalds- och inkluderingsträff. Mohamed Hagi Farah var en av sex talare vid