Friday Knowledge - Leading or being led by AI - What do managers need to learn and take responsibility for? 2023-10-27, 8:30-9:30

It is said that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the 4th industrial revolution. But how does it affect an organisation's diversity and inclusion work? What opportunities are there, but also what risks and threats are there if you do not pursue Responsible AI? How should you approach new technologies to drive digitalisation and is inclusive leadership needed in the era of AI?


Camilla Rundberg, Doctor of Economics from KTH, senior consultant at Influence People

It also runs two edutech companies that develop digital tools for enhancing inclusive organisational culture and leadership - for sport, business and schools.

Florian Westerdahl, Head of Technology - AB Lindex

Henrik Byström, Founder AI Lab Sweden AB

Joakim Wernberg, Entrepreneurship Forum / Lund University Research Director for Digitalisation and Technology Policy at the Entrepreneurship Forum and Senior Lecturer in Technology and Society at Lund University of Technology (LTH).

Nazanin Nematshahi business area manager for the Small, Medium & Corporate (SMC) segment, and sits in the Microsoft Sweden's management team.

Moderator: Sara Sadarangani, Head of Consultancy Unicus

"In Rinkeby we know that knowledge is power"

The Järva news agency highlights in an article that Mohamed Hagi Farah recently presented Rinkeby's development and challenges at a diversity and inclusion event. Mohamed Hagi Farah was one of six speakers at the event.