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Diversity Charter Sweden works for a world where different ideas, knowledge, experiences and competences count, where difference is a resource.

About us

Welcome to the world's largest network in diversity and inclusion issues. Diversity Charter Sweden is a springboard for companies that want to increase their creativity and competitiveness with the help of the dynamism of an organization that puts diversity before stupidity. Here you get the opportunity to fill up with knowledge within all seven grounds of discrimination linked to your business and operational benefit.

There are a number of studies that show that diversity in the workplace is positive for the development and profitability of companies and organizations. Therefore, we believe that diversity and inclusion should be an obvious and integrated issue in every modern company and organization's strategy. That is the basis for why Diversity Charter Sweden was started.

Companies and organizations have an important role to play in ensuring non-discrimination, diversity and inclusion. By signing the so-called diversity statutes make the organizations a voluntary commitment to create and maintain an inclusive work environment for their employees without discrimination in terms of gender, race or ethnic origin, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation

Diversity Charter Sweden is part of a larger European network, please visit The European Commission's platform for the European Diversity Charter.


To increase knowledge and commitment to diversity and inclusion issues, a large number of activities are carried out. They are divided into four parts, monthly Fredagskunskaper, Regional member meetings and the two annual activities Diversity Month and Signature event. The activities are in the form of physical, digital and hybrid meeting



Fredagskunskapen web-broadcast seminars are the basis of Diversity Charter Sweden's dissemination of knowledge and experience about diversity and inclusion in working life.

Regional träff

Regional meetings

At our regional meetings, fantastic opportunities are offered through in-depth conversations in small groups as well as networking with other companies/organizations with similar challenges and conditions.


Diversity Month

In the month of May every year, Diversity Month is celebrated around the EU. We call on companies and organizations across Europe to join us and the European Commission and shine a spotlight on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in society. The latter by organizing events and activities throughout the month.

Diversity Charter event 20220928 IX6A7575

Signatory event

This is the big diversity and inclusion event of the year where we welcome/sign up new members and where we have a large number of renowned and interesting speakers on a specific theme. The activity is a hybrid where members can choose to participate in person or digitally.

EU plattformsmöte dec 2022 - Beskuren

EU Commission activities through the EU Platform

The European Commission organises digital workshops and seminars on their reports and directives. There are also opportunities to participate in other Charters' seminars and to be invited to physical EU meetings in Brussels. The European Commission's activities are in English.


Become part of the world's largest network of companies and organisations actively seeking successful ways to work on diversity/inclusion issues. The network provides great opportunities for experience sharing and knowledge development through our regular activities.


Signing a statute/charter implies a public commitment to promote diversity and inclusion together with others. Visibility of commitment to the issues in the workplace, both inside and outside the company, and dissemination of messages/knowledge about the benefits of equality and diversity and against discrimination.

What is included

Regular digital, physical and hybrid activities that provide opportunities for knowledge and experience sharing, increased insights and networking. Access to European network/platform within the European Commission that conducts workshops and, together with other charters, organises European Diversity Month in May.


Get in touch with other companies/organisations both in Sweden and the EU, exchange good practices, EU directives and learn from policies and measures. Be part of a network within the European Commission.

Membership fee

The membership fee is based on the size of the company/organisation and ranges between 6 000-20 000 SEK/year. This in turn influences the membership benefits in terms of access to physical membership activities. Paid membership fee provides democratic influence on Diversity Charter Sweden where each member has one vote at the annual meeting.


Aperian Global - New member

Aperian Global creates learning experiences for organisations to change mindsets and drive inclusion. Their experience has taught them that employees are an organization's most valuable asset. Aperian Global philosophy


Just Ordinary - New member

Just Ordinary is physical activity and family support focused on Public Health for people with disabilities that grew into a small grassroots movement. "For us in Bara Vanlig it was natural to join Diversity


Wes - New member

Wes' intention is to actively contribute to increasing diversity in Swedish and international business by going beyond traditional and given networks and offering a modern, innovative and professional


Knowledge bank

Here we gather knowledge and experiences from past activities generously shared by our members, the European Commission, the EU and other Charters. The Knowledge Bank is divided into nine sections based on the seven grounds of discrimination and the two topical areas of "Measuring Diversity" and "Inclusive Leadership". The texts on the grounds of discrimination are taken from the Discrimination Ombudsman (DO).

European Network

Network of 26 Diversity Charters in Europe, coordinated by the European Commission

The European Diversity Charters enable public and private sector organisations across the EU to design and implement effective diversity and inclusion policies. By signing a charter, organisations make a public commitment to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The charters are organised at national level, with one charter per country. Together they have over 12,800 signatories covering 16 million employees.

Once a year, a summit is organised at EU level for Diversity Charter member charters. In addition, the European Commission funds "Exchange Platforms", for the exchange of experience on inclusion in working life from a European perspective, and Diversity Month.

We are Diversity Charter Sweden

We are Diversity Charter Sweden