Petra Karmteg, Chairman of Diversity Charter Sweden, participates in the Sobona podcast.

Listen to our President Petra Karmteg on the Sobona podcast, you'll hear why she chose to get involved, her thoughts on diversity and inclusion and why it's good for business, and much more.

Petra Karmteg takes among other things in the podcast that
👂 Many companies have diversity and inclusion high on their agenda, but many don't know how to go about it.
👂 Working on diversity and inclusion is very much a "business critical issue".
👂 Diversity is about all the differences between us humans and the greater the diversity, the more perspectives that lead to greater innovation.
👂 Diversity is not enough, but inclusion is just as important, which means giving everyone a voice.

"In Rinkeby we know that knowledge is power"

The Järva news agency highlights in an article that Mohamed Hagi Farah recently presented Rinkeby's development and challenges at a diversity and inclusion event. Mohamed Hagi Farah was one of six speakers at the event.