Friday Knowledge: Family-friendly workplaces - what's in it for us? 2023-02-24's run a favourite again! Now with an even bigger window of opportunity for greater inclusion, gender equality and a sustainable working life. Get inspired about Family Smart Keys that can transform the working life and life as a whole for your employees.

"Never before has the work-family combination been the focus of so many employees and employers as during and after the pandemic - simultaneously and everywhere. Whatever the family constellation, there is a growing recognition of how everyone benefits from a family-friendly working life. This trend and new research is influencing how employers think going forward. We now see a historic opportunity to accelerate the development of workplaces that attract, include, engage and retain employees through the different stages of life. And where ALL skills, including those developed outside the workplace, are harnessed. With children, elderly parents, friends and everyone you care about."
/Tiina Bruno, founder of the concept FamSmart at work/Familjesmart på jobbet and CEO of Föräldrasmart Sverige AB

Do you want to know what it means, what it takes and what you gain from becoming more Family Smart as an employer, manager and employee?
Listen to inspiring approaches and ideas, examples and dialogues with experts and business leaders in a thought-provoking morning led by Tiina Bruno and guests.

* "Family smart at work - what, why, how?"

- Tiina Bruno, Founder and CEO Föräldrasmart Sverige AB/FamSmart at work  
How does family life add value at work, and how do we engage all leaders in a more family-friendly culture?

* Why spend time on becoming a more Family Smart employer right now - what do we gain and how do we count on it?

- Claes Peyron, CEO Universum Nordic and UK
What do today's and tomorrow's employees want? How do you calculate the ROI/Return on investment of efforts to attract and retain employees of family-building age?

Panel discussion:
Business intelligence: how does the area link to short and long term trends and needs in the labour market and the wider world? - Christian Horne, HR and Sustainability at Ambea, in conversation with Claes and Tiina

Family smart in practice - business leaders share concrete examples

Sandra Andrén, Head of People & Organizational Development, Grant Thornton Sweden
Focusing on inclusion and leadership development strategies at Grant Thornton Sweden, Sandra shares why this area is important to their company, and why right now. She also gives examples of concrete steps they are taking to promote a more family-friendly work life. 

Marcus Andersson, CEO and co-founder Contitude
Examples of the reasoning and behaviour of Family Smart Leaders, and how family life is an asset when a small business is rapidly growing bigger and stronger. 

Henrik Dider, HR Director, Swedish Transport Administration
This area concerns employers in all sectors. Listen to Henrik's thoughts on how it creates value for a government agency like Trafikverket, and his experience from previous workplaces such as the Police, Scandic Hotels and IKEA.

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"In Rinkeby we know that knowledge is power"

The Järva news agency highlights in an article that Mohamed Hagi Farah recently presented Rinkeby's development and challenges at a diversity and inclusion event. Mohamed Hagi Farah was one of six speakers at the event.